These are the regular punishments, try to follow them!

RDM - Warn or 2 Minute Jail
NLR - Warn or 2 Minute Jail

RDA - Warn or 2 Minute Jail
Propblock - Warn or 2 Minute Jail
Base Rules - Warn or 2 Minute Jail

Spamming - Warning Or Mute/Gag

Mass RDM - 5 Day Ban
Mass RDA - 5 Day Ban
Mass Propblock - 5 Day Ban

Exploiting a glitch - 1 Week Ban
Ban Avoiding - IP Ban
No Intent To RP - 3 Day Ban
Trolling - 3 Day Ban
Mass Minge - 3 Day Ban
Racism - 3 Day Ban
Advertising - 1 Week Ban

Ignoring Staff - +2 Days to Punishment
Lying to Staff - +2 Days to Punishment
Telling Staff What to do - +2 Days to Punishment
Mass Staff disrespect - +2 Days to Punishment

LTAP - + 7 Days to Punishment

DDOS Threats - Permanent!
Crashing The Server - Permanent!
Hacking - 1 Month Ban

Tips to be an Exemplary Staff Member

Always be lenient. Sometimes, for small punishments, giving them an extra warning before punishing them will make the player feel like the community is more laid back, which will likely prevent them from breaking the rules in the future.

Don't abuse your physics gun. This should only be used on players when you're purposefully trying to move them to a certain location as if you're trying to pull them towards you if they're leaving an admin sit. Never use it on a player just because it's fun for you, it's not fun for them.

Use preloaded ban reasons. These are there for a reason, and they truly help the person who is banned understand why they were banned and how to appeal. As well as adding  "Apply on the forums" at the end! :Smile
EG: !ban (Name) (Length) (Reason) Apply on the forums
Ask questions in admin chat. If there are other staff members online, and you are not sure how severe you should take out the punishments, use admin chat and ask other online staff what they would do.


  • !warn - use !warn <player> <reason> to warn a player for breaking a rule. Warnings add up and auto punish players who receive too many.
  • !gag - use !gag <player> to silence a player's microphone, use if they are spamming or harassing players.
  • !mute - use !mute <player> to silence a spammer or bully's chat.
  • !ungag - undoes a gag, use !ungag <player>.
  • !unmute - undoes a mute, use !unmute <player>.
  • !cleardecals - clears blood splatters, bug bait markings and bullet holes around the map.
    * Helps prevent lag, use this command very often!
  • !freeze - makes a player unable to move or interact with anyone, use by typing !freeze <player>
    * Useful for players who are RDMing during an admin sit.
  • !jail - builds a prison around a player, use by typing !jail <player>.
  • !jailtp - teleports a person to where you are looking, and jails them, use !jailtp <player>.
  • !slay - kills a player, use !slay <player>.
    * Useful for players who are in the midst of breaking a serious rule.
  • !unfreeze - unfreezes a player, use by typing !unfreeze <player>.
  • !unjail - unjails a player, use by typing !unjail <player>.
  • !bring - teleports a player to you, use by typing !bring <player>.
  • !goto - teleports you to a player, use by typing !goto <player>.
  • !return - returns a player to their last location, use by typing !return <player>.
  • !send - sends a player to another player, use by typing !send <player1> <player2>.
  • !teleport - teleports a player to where you are looking at, use by typing !tp <player>.
  • !ban - bans a player, use by typing !ban <player> <duration> <reason>.
    * Use this command in the menu to use preloaded ban messages and times.
  • !kick - forcibly removes a player from the server, use !kick <player>.
  • !banid - bans a player's steamID, use !banid <steamID>.
    * Use this command in the menu for preloaded ban times and reasons.
  • !spectate - follows a certain player around, use !spectate <player>.
    * Very useful for watching and spying on players.
  • !plogs - opens up the logs for DarkRP.
  • 120 seconds - 2 minutes
  • 1440 minutes - 1 day
  • 2880 minutes - 2 days
  • 10080 minutes - 1 week


You only get one strike then you will be instantly demoted.

Mod and above

You get 3 strikes
1st Strike - Watch it, make sure you don't do that in the future
2nd Strike - You are hanging on by a thread and are close to being demoted
3rd Strike - Goodbye! You will be demoted accordingly

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